About us

About us

From top to bottom, inside and out, Just the Details offers Interior and Exterior packages, along with “The Works”. Bring back the new car smell with our deodorized shampooing and the buttery feel of conditioned leather. Marvel at the showroom mirror finish while having crystal clear headlight so everyone believes your high beams are on. Treat yourself to the new car experience again without the payment. In 2004, The Center of Hope Foundation created a car detailing shop called Just the Details. It was designed to be a hands-on training facility for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as workers from the community. Just the Details is a “Rob Roy” of sorts, for detailing vehicles while providing affordable services. Our staff has been properly certified to ensure a full understanding of specialized products and equipment necessary to provide professional quality finish work to all of our available services. Flexible positions and continual mentoring have been instrumental in fostering self-esteem and building a strong work ethic, leading individuals to obtain community-based jobs.

Why We’re the Best

Attention to Detail

Our impeccable attention to detail is second to none, leaving you with exactly what you came for: a truly spotless vehicle.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling so your vehicle can become like-new again, when it’s most convenient for you.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure makes it possible for true cleanliness to be achieved without breaking the bank.

Package Options

Explore our package offerings, and choose which service best suits your budget and your needs. There’s options for everyone!

About The Center of Hope Foundation

The Center of Hope Foundation provides people with disabilities and their families the resources, services and opportunities to be contributing members of their communities, and to achieve the most fulfilling and meaningful lives possible. As an organization, we aim:

  • To foster the acquisition of those skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining a viable standard of living.
  • To assist individuals with severe disabilities to develop and acquire the services and resources, which will allow them to meet their goals for meaningful and productive living.
  • To facilitate the development of each person’s confidence and self-esteem crucial for one’s growth, development and independence.
    To assist with the development and nurturing of fulfilling relationships.

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